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One of my favorite lines from Frozen that never seemed to get a lot of laughs in theaters.

Musical numbers for Frozen (Did I mention they're going to develop this movie for Broadway??! SQUEEEEE!! :D )

A bunch of stuff you probably didn't know about Frozen (oceanskysforever)

Frozen is amazing! But all these other movies already did everything first

Frozen is a bit overrated (Not that I mind, since I love the movie)..But it is not the "first" on the following...instead, it has all aspects in it.

I love this part so much!! Kristoff who started off loving no one grows to love Anna even if he don't realize it yet. He is willing to do anything for her! Disney really makes my standard of men to almost 0

So I'm not the only one who's been singing frozen randomly in public? Ok good.

Disney made an awkward "prince" and princess. A queen who wasn't evil. And a first love was broken and not real.

What I love most about this scene is that, although it's funny, Anna is seriously defending the decisions she believes to be right.

Disney. 'Kay guys, Elsa's SO pretty. I'm just gonna come out and say it. I know we were all thinking it. But SERIOUSLY.

Previous Pinner: Oh my word. Her gestures are exactly the same as in the vision the troll showed her when she was little! I can't believe how much detail they put in this movie...