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We can’t have that! Oh no! We love our hatred, envy, and selfishness! So, we can’t look at issues of the heart when we examine this tragedy. Nope!

Maybe, just maybe, the church might try something new – telling the world how Christ gives strength to people suffering from things like addiction, divorce, grief, medical crisis, financial crisis, car accidents,

Every relationship we have is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, to draw us out of the deep waters of the purposes of our heart that we would otherwise drown in.

Is your heart downcast that there are no signs of God answering your prayer? Stop looking for signs. Instead, reflect thankfully on your past with how God has woven a tapestry through seemingly insignificant things that are all woven together to make sense. With that kind of understanding, you can close your eyes on the life raft, stop looking for ships, and get some sleep.

Only God can truly deliver value and security.

If you can see the ongoing transformation of your character, you can be confident God has a purpose for it. You have a future. It has a purpose. Your life, along with all your struggles, has meaning. Nothing is wasted!

How much of the suffering in our adversity can be attributed to those internal voices that steal joy and hope from our hearts?

Can you imagine God saying “no” to any one of these prayer requests? Can you imagine God saying “not yet” either? I honestly don’t believe either of these. I believe that if you offer these prayers up this moment and believe He will answer them, the “absolutely” has already been spoken by Him.

Some people suffer so God can show His love to many...Some people suffer because they put others first...

Sometimes we suffer in life because other people are simply incredibly self-centered and we are the innocent victims! Sometimes others suffer in life because we are the people who are simply incredibly self-centered!