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This little fella doesn't have the life that you and I have, he probably sleeps in the dirt, wears the same loin cloth everyday and eats things that would make a billy goat puke. But still maintains a beaming SMILE ! What's your Excuse ! You don't have it that bad... this boy will trade places with you any day !

♥ ⋱‿ ❤AnE LeeLAॐ soul & HearT of lifE↣✧❂✧Hanging out-kid style.My heart smiles.

Xina, Yuanyang.

The Hani and Yi are two minorities that live together in the villages of Shengcun, Daba and Duoyicun in Yuanyang, China. On market days they wear authentic and colorful garb.


"In places where despair should thrive, instead I find adults dancing…

Just carrying my little brudder!

If the life does not you smile, you find a reason for smile to life

Children watching a Caleb and Sophia video

ones from East Africa expresses their love and appreciation for Caleb video! So so so happy as the radiant smile fill their faces.