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  • Brenda Cole

    Funny Pictures Of The Day – 41 #Baby Dogs

  • Angie Noble

    funny, funny pictures, funny photos, hilarious, cute, funny dogs, dog, 21 Photos Dog Owners Will Understand

  • Kara Mason

    Hahahah Aj says that to me all the time lol and it's so true ... I can't even go to the bathroom without Rico by the door

  • Unique Smith

    So #funny photos #gags #funny story|

  • Lester Kautzer

    haha so true i cant hide in the house from #pet girl #pet boy #Cute pet

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"DO NOT PET" on the collar... HAHAHAHAHA yeeeeeeeeaaaah, riiiight. Don't sit me next to a dog if you don't want the dog to get pets.

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Love when my doggies do the head tilt....the word Hot Dog gets them everytime

I wish a company would be like "Hey Asia we'll pay you to pin for us" that would make my life right now. Somebody have pity on a college student who is tired of relying on her parents

It's sad because I'm a vet tech... but it's so true!!!! (one of my classes even taught and tested me on cat breeds)

"You are breathing hard... Are you ok, human? I will investigate..." So my dog...

And I'm becoming more and more at peace with it :) some nights it sucks, but most days I feel grateful for the courage to allow my own inner spirit the time and space to become whole before I share this privacy again ❤️

Frisbee? What Frisbee? I didn't see any fribee wrapped up under the tree!