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pulihora ,, a divine grace for all of us.. andhra is special place for it... once u eat, never stop .these are true indian foods, not not nonveg nonsense..

Ambali, food for all hard workers, who work in farms, to harvest golden food from bhoomata

pure, natural village buttermilk. they treat animals as their mother, and they worship cow.. that is our legacy, and our great ness... and the gomata gives us milk with happiness..

ముంజికాయలు లేదా ముంజెలు అనబడే తాడిచెట్టు యొక్క పళ్ళు

ura mamidi... by seeing itself,, waters coming in mouth... foreigners don't try blondly,, other wise u will die with hotness..

Ghee ( a type of clarified butter with milk solids removed making it easier for digestion and prolonging shelf life- adds a depth of flavor to Indian dishes)

With all the buffet restaurants all over the country, what makes 7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte stand out from the pack? For one, it is partly owned by one of Philippine Showbiz’s most popular culinary