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Ten More Ways to Love Someone With Depression

Ten More Ways to Love Someone With Depression

Well despite the fact that I am, you know the feeling when you want to sleep forever and want to wake up a different person, yeah I have that

So don't. Don't pretend. Because pretending may seem to work, but you only lose yourself in the process. Trust me I've pretended most of my life. Let go. Cry, scream, yell, do whatever the f*** you need to get help and move forward.

I remember feeling this way every day . All I needed was that time to heal myself. Time to grow. Time to learn. Time to realize. People need time and patience. IT GETS BETTER

i hate this feeling: like i'm here, but i'm not. like someone cares, but they don't. like i belong somewhere else, anywhere but here

I hate this . Like when it feels like someone cares they are faking it and making me feel like crap because a lot of people wish they different. I just wish i didn't feel so alone, so hopeless, and so lost. I miss my life

Never have i come across anything that so perfectly describes how i feel

I think this has nothing to do with a partner but more so on the ppl u thought u had to count on in ur life. It's a very sad feeling.u feel less valuable and wonder .am I ever thought of?

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When you tell someone you’re depressed, you might get a lot of, “Oh but aren't you grateful for what you have? There are so many people out there who have it worse than you…” etc. Being depressed doesn't necessarily have to do with thinking that you have nothing positive in your life. Depression doesn't always come from a constant mindset (like always thinking about the negative things in your life), but it sometimes just comes along.

I am very grateful for all the amazing people and blessings in my life, but that doesn't mean the depression magically disappears.

I am happy now. but every now and then there it is.. a flashback from something i want to forget so bad.

Feels like I live in a world of flashbacks. a song, and smell, a place, even just a word starts a flashback. they hurt.

I look sad and tired because I AM sad and tired. And then there's the times when Im actually NOT tired for once and someone tells me I look tired.....

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No one understands... They tell me I will be ok, but if they could see inside my head and heart and feel what I feel, they would never say that again

No one understands. They tell me I will be ok, but if they could see inside my head and heart and feel what I feel, they would never say that again


Listen, who ever is reading this. You are incredible! You are strong! You are important and you mean something! You are loved more than you can imagine! I hope you know that.

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Quotes by people suffering from depression. /Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will only cause permanent psychological damage.