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Vintage Dinosaur Art: The How and Why Wonder Book of Dinosaurs. I remember owning this book in my youth! :0)

Vintage Dinosaur Art: The How and Why Wonder Book of Dinosaurs

Different Allosaurus Species and variants by FredtheDinosaurman

If you can sit and talk about weird things like what life would be like with dinosaurs still around, we'll be instant best friends.

Brachiosaurus; Late Jurassic (154-153 Ma); Discovered by Riggs, 1903; Artwork by Charles R. Knight; Note: Probably not the correct habitat.

Pulp Fiction Novels I wish were real

Having been to many museums in NYC and DC. I can say the sizes are amazing but not as large as I thought when I was a kid.

Argentinosaurus huinculensis compared to a human. 100 metres long, 100 tonnes in weight. One of the largest dinosaurs.

A right royal member of the Ceratopsidae - wonderful illustration of Regaliceratops peterhewsi by Julius Csotonyi.

Running Giganotosaurus by James Gurney: “This painting was done over ten years ago. Since then, John Hutchinson of Stanford University has convincingly argued that giant dinosaurs like T.rex or Giganotosaurus probably didn’t have the leg muscles to be able to run at the kind of speeds we imagine. So if I were to do this painting again, I’d show him at a fast walk. A walking dinosaur may not be quite as impressive as a running dinosaur, but as long as he’s walking faster than his prey, it’s

I love dinosaurs, like super love them. When I was little I had books about them and I would idenify them and just ahh! ♥