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    • Cindy Ross

      Snake animal totem shows up to announce a change is coming. It's time to shed the old and make way for the new. Snake is the symbol of rebirth and can represent healing energy in your life. Do you have the healing touch or are you in need of some healing?

    • Katie Metz

      copperhead snake | The Copperhead is Northern Virginia's only venomous snake, although ...

    • EnaJosette Hart

      copperhead snake-Jay Oklahoma

    • Kladky

      copperhead snake

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    Whoa!!! Snake spitting venom?

    Garter Snakes Make Great Pets, Yes Garter Snakes are the perfect first snake for some one wanting to keep a snake as a pet. So be sure to check them out.

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    ~~ The golden Eyelash Viper ~~

    Northern Copperhead - In Virginia, adult Copperheads are very passive and rarely inject venom in the first bite they give. But keep disturbing one, and you'll soon end up in the hospital with a nasty, swelling wound. Babies (recognizable by their bright sulfur yellow tails) are quicker to bite and inject a large dose of venom on the first strike. In Virginia, venomous snakes share a set of characteristics that can help you distinguish them from non-venomous species: the scales under the tail ...


    Green snake

    love the color on this copperhead