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Down Copperhead Road......gorgeous copperhead snake...although venemous is not considered deadly. Almost all snakes in the US that are venemous have cat-slit eyes...the exceptions are Corals and Ringnecks

Cool snake.

Radiated Ratsnake (Coelognathus radiata) aka Copperhead Ratsnake

Blue Snake

Copperhead in Water | Copperhead+in+Water.JPG

What a beautiful snake

I'm definitely not a big fan of snakes, but The King Snake(s) of this world are totally our friends, and so I hope that folks will take a moment when they are about to kill a snake - and determine whether or not the offending snake is a King Snake that only wants to eat venomous snakes - or the venomous snake that none of us wish to have near to us.

mangrove pit viper. venomous snake reptile

Vine Snake - creating an unrealistic body image for all the other snakes.

blue snake

Iowa Northern Water Snake

* Snake *

The copperhead is the most commonly misidentified snake in the United States due to its color and general size. This is a problem when you consider that the copperhead is one of only four types of venomous snakes in the United States. Though the venom of the copperhead is milder than the rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and coral snakes, it is still a significant danger to humans. As such, identifying the copperhead is an important skill that every American should know how to do.

Images of snakes among poisonous snakes: Massasauga is one of the more common ones in the Eastern half of KS while Prairie Rattler is more common in Western KS

Beautiful blue snake

Trio of bush vipers


Garter Snakes Make Great Pets, Yes Garter Snakes are the perfect first snake for some one wanting to keep a snake as a pet. So be sure to check them out.

Northern Copperhead - In Virginia, adult Copperheads are very passive and rarely inject venom in the first bite they give. But keep disturbing one, and you'll soon end up in the hospital with a nasty, swelling wound. Babies (recognizable by their bright sulfur yellow tails) are quicker to bite and inject a large dose of venom on the first strike. In Virginia, venomous snakes share a set of characteristics that can help you distinguish them from non-venomous species: the scales under the tail...