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In my mind, I've always lived in a, why not bring it to life with a homey cottage near the forest where animals roam, flowers bloom, and fairies hide?

Obers is a Comstock built cottage of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Built in 1925, the combination of Comstock adobe brick, Carmel stone and hand carved trim makes it truly a work of art.

Carmel, CA Cottage - Make sure you click on through to the cottage and read the story and scroll through other outer pictures of it;) It's really, really lovely:)

Once-Upon-A-Time The fairytale cottages of Carmel-by-the-Sea. I want to live here....on a little farm, just steps from the sea!!!!!!!!

Cottage in Carmel, CA Love blue shutters, bay window with small panes,flower boxes,stone path and cute garden!!

Giving Grandmother's Cottage the last half of its name, the there is a romantic wood that begins right on the edges of the chateau's beautiful garden. The wood is home to several charming cottages, each unique in its own way and one or two home to some . . . interesting friends of the family.

Miniature House, gorgeous -- desperately wish I knew more about this! Where is it? Looks like it could be a cobb house, which would be the coolest thing ever.

This is what I see when I think of Bella and Edward's cabin in the woods...or Snow White's.

The topiary looks so big in comparison to the cottage. It gives it extra fairy-tale appeal

I just loved this one. It looks like it came out from a cartoon.