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    Best reasons to get detention EVER

    2y Saved to Laugh


    • Kayla Peters

      What sort of teacher would give a kid a detention for some of these? If I were a teacher and a student "VOLUNTEERED AS TRIBUTE!" I would laugh myself hoarse and probably skip the problem.

    • kim n.

      So I'm a teacher and my students have had hilarious outburst like this. I do not understand how half of these kids were given detention slips!!! lol So funny <3

    • Sage Moye

      This is why I could not teach high school. I would be cracking laughing if I were these student's teacher.

    • Lisa Anderson

      After screaming about the dumbass teacher, I giggled through the rest of these :) @Emily Rogers do your kids do anything this funny?

    • Kelsey High

      These are a bunch of amusing detention slips. I love the one where the student called the teacher a muggle!

    • Audreanna Wood

      Oh how the times have changed since I was in high school. Alex has my vote though. Teachers these days are as bad as the kids...

    • Christina Johnson

      Detention slips for students, oh my goodness i almost peed myself laughing. Kids wathc to many movies and TV

    • Deirdre Wiliams

      not sure if I should be happy or upset with these things. Happy student called the teacher a muggel, happy the teacher was upset by that comment, upset kid got detention for it.

    • Andrea Gray Tworek

      I shouldn't laugh. But this is funny stuff.

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