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Kiersten Morales
Kiersten Morales • 22 weeks ago

Best reasons to get detention EVER

  • Denise Kociszewski Laraiso

    My son got sent to the principal's office for belching in the lunch line. My question back to the Principal was "Where would you like him to belch?"

  • Linda Bradley
    Linda Bradley • 21 weeks ago

    When I was a freshman in high school, I yelled out "bird brain" in answer to the question " what do you call a person that studies birds?" Got a hugh laugh from class AND my teacher!!! No detention!!! He then asked if I knew correct answer--which I did and gave it to him. This was back in 1966, teachers knew how to handle students then with out resorting to detention.

  • Monique Spurlock Robertson

    All of these are so funny

  • Dena Kline
    Dena Kline • 21 weeks ago

    Yeah, the only time I ever got anything similar to detention was for running three steps to catch up to my friend in middle school. I had to do a worksheet during lunch with a man who apparently believed all children where already planning their jailbreak schemes.

  • Adrian Aycock
    Adrian Aycock • 21 weeks ago

    I got detention in college for having the right answer, while the teacher (not even a professor) demanded that I must the wrong answer just like the rest of the class. He argued this for over 15 minutes, and demanded that I must have detention and explain to him why I don't listen nor understand. Yet, 10 minutes later, the teacher stole my answer. And I stood up and said "and you got mad at me for having the right answer? you stole my answer." In the forced detention, he and another school admin demanded that I apologize for not having the wrong answer when the teacher asked for it, for not listening to him, for not having a window behind me so the teacher can 'spy' on what is on my monitor screen, and for being too lazy, and for being High Functioning Autistic. Yes, I am on the Autism spectrum, but that is no reason to punish me. What happened is that the teacher saw me as an easy target I am because I was not arguing at him, nor others, while another student was doing that. This teacher was hired the week before, no training, and did not teach as one might think a teacher would, especially in college. -------------------------------- Another time, in Elementary, I had detention for obeying the PE Teacher. The teacher later told me that he wanted me to be the example to the class. But, this PE Teacher was always angry. Another time, in Elementary again, I had detention because a classmate was using me as a goal post for his paper football game in class. The teacher said that I was encouraging the classmate's action. And I was like "what? I was not. I did not like being his goal post." Even the classmate said to the teacher that I was not encouraging him, that it was himself that was doing it for being bored in class.

  • LaShawn Pulkoski
    LaShawn Pulkoski • 21 weeks ago

    The math teacher needs to earn respect and that was not the way. A person of any age should be shown respect until they prove they do not deserve it. TEACHER you do not deserve it. Hitler loved people like you who follow blindly without question.

  • Tim Wolfgang
    Tim Wolfgang • 21 weeks ago

    These teacher penmanship is lacking to say the least.

  • Shawna Evans
    Shawna Evans • 21 weeks ago

    I love that the teacher admitted that he/she was incorrect, but still wants to punish the child.

  • Frank Flores
    Frank Flores • 21 weeks ago

    claiming to be the reborn jesus and hitting another student with a bible hahahaha

  • Julie Leach
    Julie Leach • 21 weeks ago

    These are all hilarious and it is an example of why so many people are uptight. We need to stop being so politically correct and laugh more. Things are funny. I especially enjoyed the teacher that did not know that a mile was longer than a kilometer. Some teachers are on such a high horse, they can not appreciate that any student might possibly know something more than them. I understand this teacher not wanting to be disrespected and being called out in front of the class, but I would rather this happen than a classroom full of students receiving misinformation. Alex was basically doing a public service for his fellow classmates. If my children came home with any of these detention slips I would have congratulated them on being individuals and refusing to fall into the mold that society forces children into at a young age.

  • Emily Driver
    Emily Driver • 21 weeks ago

    The Jesus one did it for me. These are all pretty funny :)

  • Daniel L. Logue
    Daniel L. Logue • 21 weeks ago

    Spend that hour letting the student teach the teacher with the Principal as the backing authority or Try your luck with me in a court room.

  • William Miller
    William Miller • 21 weeks ago


  • Barbara Bower
    Barbara Bower • 21 weeks ago

    I cannot believe that these were really written by teachers. If they were, they all need to go back and learn penmanship!!!

  • Mary Bacon, Balanced Bliss Life coaching

    The KM mile teacher would have caught H*LL from me, you are hired to teach my child actual facts not teach them new ways to look stupid. I would absolutely have been on the phone to the principal if that was my kid. The tribute one I'd have "ignored" and had her solve the math problem instead of giving it any attention. The remainder were hillariously funny but disruptive and inappropriate deserving of detention but also deserving privately of a laugh.

  • Melba Hooks
    Melba Hooks • 21 weeks ago

    Amen to the penmanship. What school was it that a person was allowed to carry a BIBLE to class

  • Sunkat S.
    Sunkat S. • 21 weeks ago

    Some of these are just funny

  • Larry Grey
    Larry Grey • 21 weeks ago

    I had an English teacher in 1977 tell me that I could not do simple math when I stated I was 13 she told me I was 14. I told her my birthday was December 22 1963, I would be 14 then, it was only September so I told her again I was only 13. I remarked to the class "I am glad you do not teach math", she kicked my shin, but I did not get into trouble when the whole class laughed at her for her mathematical error. She warranted my flippant attitude when she called me out AFTER I told her my DOB and age, she started the retort, I just finished it.

  • Marybeth Puffer
    Marybeth Puffer • 21 weeks ago

    The fact that you all think that these things are funny is hysterical to me, I can tell you aren't teachers lol!! I can also tell that you don't have to deal with disrespectful students each day. Obama's common core that tells teacher's what they have to teach almost word for word is pretty sad, that could be what messed up that old school teacher. Maybe if parents would be parents, doing their part and actually parent! There would be less reason for detention slips!! I don't know, it's just a thought!!

  • Carol Robertshaw
    Carol Robertshaw • 21 weeks ago

    My daughter raised her hand and corrected the teacher for mispronouncing the State of Massachusetts as MassaTUSETTS. The teacher responded with what difference does it make. Daughter said it does to me I was born there. Daughter was sent to the principal. This was in Alabama and I've heard other supposedly intelligent people make the same error, and also pronounce Michigan as Mitchigan .

  • Sharon Sauve
    Sharon Sauve • 21 weeks ago

    I thought they were all hilarious and kids will be kids. All those things we do as kids is what makes us all unique and different. Let kids be kids for crying out loud!

  • Victoria Meredith
    Victoria Meredith • 21 weeks ago

    Pretty sure I would have laughed so hard I snorted if a kid had stood up and yelled, "I volunteer as tribute!" Of course, after I got them all calmed down, I would have warned them that even though it was funny, it was disruptive, and that the next time a kid yelled out there would be a consequence. :)

  • Barry Johns
    Barry Johns • 21 weeks ago

    I have to say the one about the Mile was a reason to fire the teacher. But that being said. Its not ok for a student to yell out in class. Some of these deserved detention or paddling. I am 50 years old and when I was in school no one stood up and yelled I am superman in class or yelled The answer in tribute. We raised our hand and we talked during breaks. The reason kids are disrespectful these days is because of the parents thinking teachers should lighten up and have fun. School is for learning not fun. I will say most was ridiculous. But I say if you wouldn't do it at home in a serious time, Then you shouldn't do it at school either. These teachers have a big responsibility and they don't need disrespectful students in class. But the students don't need punished when they are right either.

  • Bijal Damania
    Bijal Damania • 21 weeks ago

    Adam Hilliker .. well i hope he's fired and although it isn't the same scenario, it almost reminds me of how you're lied to in middle school and high school about so many of the science rules .. then you learn it all in ap chem/ college gen chem -.-

  • Laura Miller
    Laura Miller • 21 weeks ago

    I'm a teacher, and if any of these things happened in my class, I would probably crack up, and the kids and I would all have a good laugh!

  • Barry Johns
    Barry Johns • 21 weeks ago

    I cant believe we have people wondering what school would let a child bring a Bible to school class room. The Bible is the best History book around. So its ok for kids to carry cell phones, magazines, and all other books to school but Melba seems to think that the bible is a bad book . The problem with todays children are they don't respect grown people. No I am not a teacher but if a Teacher ask a question and a student yells out to the top of her lungs I volunteer in Tribute. Then that child is being disrespectful and wanting attention. Another problem is. When we did something in school we got the paddle on our asses and it was over. Now days teachers cant even paddle kids and the kids know it, and that's the reason they interrupt and act out. If the school system would start allowing the teachers to bust kids asses again they wouldn't be as disrespectful as they are. The parents aren't whipping kids anymore and the teachers cant so you have a bunch of Bad mannered children that think they can do anything. This is why kids graduate today and don't even know who the first President was.

  • Saucy Pot
    Saucy Pot • 21 weeks ago

    I'm trying to understand why some of you are calling Common Core "Obama's Common Core" when the initiatives that led to Common Core started in the 1990s. If you're referring to "Race to the Top," although Common Core is widely understood to be a requirement, it's still an application: choice. And I don't see what that has to do with these hilarious detention slips.

  • Mary Kelkis
    Mary Kelkis • 21 weeks ago

    ummmmm. I think the guy that said 'half-breed' should go to detention….

  • Barbara Breslin
    Barbara Breslin • 21 weeks ago

    The teacher, who admitted he was wrong, should be fired. Complete ignoramus. I hope I spelled that correctly....???

  • Heather Evans-Hood
    Heather Evans-Hood • 21 weeks ago

    This is why no one under the age of 29 should be a teacher...and no one over the age of 60. These are some of the dumbest reasons for detention. I'm a substitute teacher, have been one for a LONG time. All of these "crimes" are NOTHING compared to the student I had who brought a chicken to school in his book bag..he found it on the side of the road, left his books and picked up the hen. Then there was his friend who sawed a can of fart spray open and spilled it in the band room.... yeah..the kids

  • Kristina Pierce
    Kristina Pierce • 21 weeks ago

    I don't understand why the child who said the kilometer is greater than the mile got in trouble... The teacher contradicting that should be embarrassed... 1 kilometer is like .62 miles...

  • Wendy Hara
    Wendy Hara • 21 weeks ago

    Well, I laughed through it. It seems our kids are getting very good at smart assedness. My own word. We used to do these sort of things and most of the class laughed and the teacher moved on. Maybe we need more disruptions and light hearted distractions to liven up the classroom. I know my kids are dying.

  • Jaquelynn Gering
    Jaquelynn Gering • 21 weeks ago

    @Melba Ellis Hooks So you're in favor of censorship based on solely on religion? When did "Bible" become a dirty word? If you've got a problem with a student carrying a Bible to school with them, you'd better want to police all other books they bring, otherwise you are advocating blatant discrimination. Several of my students bring in novels to read between classes, how is this any different? Maybe you think I should make them all show me their books at the door to be sure they don't have any religious materials?

  • Barry Johns
    Barry Johns • 20 weeks ago

    To tHeather Evans Hood said it right. There should be no teachers under the age 29. One reason is you can tell the youn ger generations aren't even grown up yet. You got Teachers having sex with students, Teachers getting caught with drugs and giving students drugs. Men and women. The teacher has a responsibility to teach the children and the children should have enough respect to keep their smart ass remarks to them selves. The reason kids do this today is fo0r starters, They aren't even parented at home anymore, second, The Teachers open up the door by joking around themselves and that goes back to being to young to Teach. If you lead the class with a laugh and a joke then you will get what you started with. If you lead the class with set down and get quiet and open your books to page?. Then that's what you get 90% of the time. You will always have one or two that don't care about anything or anybody. That's the three percent that will be on crystal meth before they leave high school and be dead before 29 years old. There is a place to act out and its not at school. They government should go back to when I was a kid and let the teachers start using the paddle again without permission. The kids these days know the teacher cant touch them. That's why they act like animals. You had a couple here and there that would talk in class or something but never scream out at the class or anything disrespectful as the kids today.If this type of stuff were done when I was in school, You got paddled the first time, suspended the second time and your ass was expelled from school on the third time because you were considered a damn thug and they didn't want you in their school. So for all you that think this type behavior is just ki8ds being kids. You are the reason the school system is like it is today. Because you wont parent your child. I bet anyone that thinks this is ok.9There ARE A FEW THAT WERE IN THE right).Im talking about the screaming in class, The come at me bro bullshit, And a few others. The kid that was right about the mile. That teacher I promise you is either very young or so old they shouldn't be teaching. There was a couple more that were student being right. But for the biggest part of them. You all that think they are funny and the teacher is to mean or uptight. You need to be a parent and quit putting your child off on others to parent. Parents these days have kids then don't want the child or don't want the responsibility for the child. They should start putting the parents in jail for the weekend when these kids do this and you would see a big difference in the class room and the home life. So it can all be funny but when this ole country collapses to its knees you can say that it was your parenting or not wanting to parent that cause the collaps of the most powerful nation in the world. These kids will be president one day. Do you really want these smart ass thugs running your country.Quit being a friend and be a parent. OR STOP BREEDING PLEASE.

  • Latasha Mendoza
    Latasha Mendoza • 20 weeks ago

    Wtf what are we animal's (stop breeding)

  • Katina
    Katina • 20 weeks ago

    My daughter got detention for saying the word "penis" instead of "wee-wee" in health class. I was like, "Seriously?!? How old are you people?!?" ...SMH!!!

  • Darque Suede
    Darque Suede • 20 weeks ago

    Yes we are animals. There are only two kingdoms; the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. There is NO human kingdom, so get off your high horse. And as a teacher some of these things are usual not a one up thing, I am sure students have been warned, and if a child so needs a attention that's the job of the parent. And i agree with Barry Johns, stop being a friend and be a parent... Matter fact, parents should be a teacher for a week in the school your child attends and teach another class and see if you feel the same way after a week. And to the ignorant teachers out there please research your crap before stepping to a class and if you are incorrect before a class, be the adult and accept that you are wrong, find some way of praising that student and ask the rest of students to be more diligent, because miss/ sir is getting down in age and the brain isn't as sprightly as it was before...

  • Latasha Mendoza
    Latasha Mendoza • 20 weeks ago

    Omg... I am not dumb Draque we learn that in school. And I disagree with u and Barry but everyone has opinions.

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith • 19 weeks ago

    In the first week of 1st grade I received a call from the school. My son was on bus detention for 1 day because of "sexual harassment". He told a girl she had a big butt. While I had a talk with him about saying hurtful things -- "sexual harassment" really?

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  • Joni Prout
    Joni Prout • 18 weeks ago

    we need to face the truth. Teachers have no control over their class rooms because children are not taught to respect their teachers and classmates. When a student disrupts the class for any reason, they are stealing an education from the rest of the students. Do not make excuses for your children. Who will come to their rescue when they have to get a job?

  • Christopher Hayward
    Christopher Hayward • 18 weeks ago

    No matter how you slice it, they're hilarious. Kids will be kids.

  • Dana Jones
    Dana Jones • 16 weeks ago

    @ Barry Johns Wow, what a jerk you are. I have a 12 year old daughter with a quick wit, a great sense of humor, and wonderful teachers who make being in the classroom lots of fun. She learns a lot and without being bullied into it. She never gets in trouble in school, has never had detention, has never been sent to the principal for discipline, and is NEVER physically disciplined at home or anywhere else. I would personally beat the crap out of anyone who laid a hand on her. Discipline is a word based in learning and being a student; it has nothing to do with punishment physical or otherwise. I sincerely hope you are not a teacher. Most of these made me laugh; I think some of these teachers need to buy themselves a sense of humor while others were justified and the one with the Km mile issue was just an asshole. I have lots of teachers in my circle of family and friends and none of them think that learning "should not be fun." How stupid is that comment anyway? Why can't learning be fun? Kids respond to things that are interesting and keep their attention rather than boring lectures and rote memorization. They need to be engaged and stimulated. OK, off my soapbox now. Great post by the way :)

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown • 13 weeks ago


  • Kris Johnston
    Kris Johnston • 11 weeks ago

    Good. Job !

  • Charlene Colón
    Charlene Colón • 10 days ago

    Everyone is an expert at being a teacher, until they actually become one. We all "know" what a teacher does until you find out what we actually do. Yes make mistakes and yes to surprise many, we are human! Being a great teacher doesnt magically happen if you are over 30, it comes with time, practice, and learning.

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