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    Best reasons to get detention EVER

    2y Saved to Laugh
    • Tina Woody

      While some of these things deserved detention...ok well most did...I especially love #5 in which case yes, the teacher deserved detention. To think she advised parents to make him keep quiet when she is wrong is totally stupid on her part! She shouldn't even be teaching if that is the way she sees it! Though it deserved detention, #9(the sandwich slip)made me giggle!!!

    • Alicia McDaniel

      Funny detention slips-- just saying if I ever have a kid that gets in trouble for correcting the teacher for teaching the material incorrectly? That kid gets a reward at home... That new Xbox you wanted? Yep, you get it...

    • Erik Perry

      Things like this make me miss my job as a teachers aid. Kids are awesome. "student threw a sandwich across the room yelling 'yolo' " is my favorite lol

    • Sage Moye

      This is why I could not teach high school. I would be cracking laughing if I were these student's teacher.

    • Hannah Mary

      As a teacher these are things I dread, as a human it think it's hilarious and wish my students would do it just for a laugh.

    • Deirdre Wiliams

      not sure if I should be happy or upset with these things. Happy student called the teacher a muggel, happy the teacher was upset by that comment, upset kid got detention for it.

    • Kayla Peters

      What sort of teacher would give a kid a detention for some of these? If I were a teacher and a student "VOLUNTEERED AS TRIBUTE!" I would laugh myself hoarse and probably skip the problem.

    • Emily Forehand

      Funny detention slips. Several of these are funny. Apparently the teacher had no sense of humor with the second one cause I would have died laughing

    • Cristina Fernandez

      Freaking. Hu-larious. Things kids have gotten detention for...aka things that if a student did them in my class, I would die laughing and probably give them extra credit.

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