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    Best reasons to get detention EVER

    2y Saved to Laugh


    • Jaklyn Olson

      Made me giggle. I officially hate the teacher that punished the student for correcting him. Suck it up, you were wrong.

    • kim n.

      So I'm a teacher and my students have had hilarious outburst like this. I do not understand how half of these kids were given detention slips!!! lol So funny <3

    • Sage Moye

      This is why I could not teach high school. I would be cracking laughing if I were these student's teacher.

    • Sarah Blankenship

      Oh how the times have changed since I was in high school. Alex has my vote though. Teachers these days are as bad as the kids...

    • Shella Schrum

      I feel bad for all the kids who have the teacher who gave the kid detention for correcting him. (the teacher though a km was longer than a mile, the student knew better)

    • Elise Rome

      These literally made me laugh out loud, except for the one of the student correcting the teacher. I would stand by my child on that one. I see so many highly intelligent teachers, but unfortunately, I come across idiots as well. That is why I would never send my child to a Metairie Catholic school. I see and hear it all at the museum!

    • Kayla Peters

      What sort of teacher would give a kid a detention for some of these? If I were a teacher and a student "VOLUNTEERED AS TRIBUTE!" I would laugh myself hoarse and probably skip the problem.

    • Stephanie Hickman

      I would laugh if I was a teacher and had these kids as students.

    • Andrea Gray Tworek

      I shouldn't laugh. But this is funny stuff.

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