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Sleep early, prepare your meals in advance, kill your workouts, stop making excuses, do your job like a boss, make your friends laugh, love your family. Stop being a dram queen and wake the fuck up !

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There was an early psychological model of fear that I developed based on my observation of people. Most people fear obstacles or what gets in the way of their biological goals. I grew up among psychopaths, making them afraid was useless, I have a habit of resulting to wanting to kill those who get in my way or the way of my plans. So getting in my way doesn't make me afraid of you, it makes me want to kill you.

I dont own this picture nor do I know the source. Audrey is my favorite type of thinspo. She's the epitome of perfection in every way possible.

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gymaaholic: You’re Probably Thinking That You’re Not Good Enough “Not good enough”, is what transformed average people into champions.