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Eerie photos show the crumbling remains of a village

Eerie photos show the crumbling remains of a village in Dorset whose residents were evicted by the British army in 1943 and ever returned

Eerie photos show abandoned churches which have been left to crumble

Family life frozen in time: Eerie images of the abandoned farm houses where even the beds are still made

Empty: The bed is still covered by a neatly folded duvet in this abandoned farmhouse - but its unlikely anybody would want to sleep in it

Eerie images reveal London's long-forgotten Underground stations

Dr Suess House, Alaska. An unfinished house found while flying over Willow. Locals around here call it the "Dr. Suess House." It's hard to count but appears to have 11 or 12 stories and towers over the tree tops! It's located right next the river

Underground 18-storey city in Turkey housed 20,000 people

The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World