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Great Album! Proves that heavy metal can be lyrical and rhythmic.

Heavy Metal, Alienation and Masculinity: At its core, heavy metal values alienation and masculinity. Heavy metal is another male dominated subculture, depicted by loud, angry thrashing style music where participants enjoy head-banging in mosh pits that can sometimes appear violent.

HEAVY METAL. My father described the Heavy Metal subculture fashion as a mix of Biker and Punk fashion and I have to say I agree. While the descriptions I was given from my sources aren't as over the top as this pin, the leather, studs and darkness of it all portray the correct image. Their demeanour is different to bikies and punks as heavy metal enthusiasts were described to me as members of a male dominated subculture with strong beliefs in the dark side of life, without being Satanic.

Heavy Metal- heavy Metal is my favorite type of my music.

Keep Calm and Listen to Heavy Metal! Classic heavy metal rock psychedelic music poster ☮~ღ~*~*✿⊱ レ o √ 乇 !! ~

Heavy Metal Wine ... Correction, Thrash Metal Wine