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      Small-Space Butterfly Gardens Containers of nectar-rich blooms attract "flying flowers."

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    ~~Monarch Butterflies by David Collins for the National Wildlife Federation~~

    So TIL that there is such a thing as tear drinking and it’s not so weird after all. Well, when butterflies do it, anyway. Ama la Vida TV captured these photos of butterflies drinking the tears of turtles in Ecuador. The behaviour is known as ‘lachryphagy’ and it’s not just butterflies sucking up those salty […]

    A little bowl containing orange slices attracts butterflies in droves, who knew?

    ♥ Gorgeous

    How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

    Garden DIY Butterfly Feeder | This simple DIY butterfly feeder makes a wonderful addition to any garden or flower bed. Records show that the...

    Butterfly Feeder..Fill your garden with beautiful butterflies by hanging a specially created feeder that will have them flooding your yard.


    ***** Springtime signs!


    This butterfly has the most perfect camouflage eyes on its wings » Lost At E Minor: For creative people

    Malachite (Siproeta stelenes): The striking Malachite butterfly begins as a horned, prickly black caterpillar with red markings, the Malachite turns into a lime green chrysalis spotted with pink and eventually evolves into a stunning adult butterfly. Photo By alanj2007

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    Finding Caterpillars in the Butterfly Garden. Here are some tips for finding and IDing the future-butterflies in your garden.

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    Monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico.

    Year-Round Guide to Butterflies.

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    Diary of Monarch Migration: The "super-generation" of butterflies that migrates to Mexico each year is simply amazing. Learn about the monarch migration journey.

    Big Eyes in the Butterfly Garden: Butterflies and caterpillars use “eyespots” to scare off predators in the butterfly garden and beyond!