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The Patriot (Movie - 2000) | They helped their father decimate an entire redcoat patrol. Sound horrifying? Brother, these kids were raised by Mel Gibson . Theyve seen it all.

The Usual Suspects is an ensemble movie in the best sense. Everyone makes an immediate and lasting impression, including many of the minor characters with few or no lines.

19 Underrated Horror Movies You Need To See ASAP

"La vie en rose" The best french film I have ever seen. Saw it my junior year in french III and loved it.

Girl meets boy...and marries him on same day. Now don't you think there are probably some skeletons in that boys closet, like say six brothers, all single, all still living at home. Solution? How about a bunch of old Romans and some sobbin women? :)

Five Best Movies to Watch During a Good Night In

Natalie Portman in Where The Heart Is... Oh how I LOVE that movie... watched it a million times.. <3