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yellow labs are the best

Tired ... being a puppy is hard work!

hehe :)

Miniature Dachshund Christmas Puppies

Picture Of The Day: A Wheelbarrow Full Of Puppies • "Zoe and Marcus Hooper, from Leominster, Herefordshire, have a very special dog. This very special dog is called Star, and she's very special because of her recent litter of puppies. You see, she had really rather a lot of children – 14, in fact, meaning that the Hoopers' young daughter, Summer, is obliged to cart them all about in a wheelbarrow to get them all from place to place efficiently." • by Alastair Plumb ~ Huffington Post UK


Baby Hedwig

Great Dane mom & puppy

silver lab

I Love all Dog Breeds: 5 best dog breeds to get along with kids: Labrador Retriever, Puppys, Lab Puppies, Future Pet, Bean Boot, Black Labs, Black Labrador, Puppy S


chocolate corgador (corgi and lab mix)

blue eyes....magic

Don't leave your pets behind

Aspect Photography - amazing

Austríaco salta de cápsula espacial a mais de 21 mil m de altitude e passa de zona da morte conhecida também como “Linha de Armstrong”, localizada a uma altitude de 21.800 m, onde as temperaturas podem chegar até a -60°C.

De asas a sua imaginação.

Praia de Santos - Brazil.