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Alexis | NY poet & artist & human i want to make craft beer & zines and I think chicken stock made from scratch is importanti relate most strongly to the night sky and sequoia trees and red-winged blackbirds and frozen lakes surrounded by brown grass

"You don't have to close your eyes. There is room for love again. Ease the pain to realize all that love can be. Forced apart by time and sand, take a step and take my hand. And don't let it go. Never let go." ~ 'Never Let Go' (Josh Groban)

100 Romantic Love Quotes for Him with Beautiful Images

Love Quote idea - "I still get butterflies even though I've seen you a hundred times" {Courtesy of Good Morning Quote}

Preparando tu cumpleaños…

This might be my favorite engagement pic ever! LILLIAN RACHEL + lifestyle photographer El sentido del olfato juega un papel muy importante, muchas veces menospreciado, cuando hablamos de #amor y #atracción

"I want you to be my best friend, my naughty lover and my partner in life." Enjoy this new and naughty life quote from Kinky Quotes!