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2014 Runner Up- COURAGE- Becky Fox Ortyl with Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation

2014 Runner Up- HEROISM- Marc Dibernardo with Active Heroes

Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee Rachel inspires everyone around her click on her story and vote for her in the Rare Eagle life stories so CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation can help families whose children have medical issues.

Soo true!

16 brave, inspiring faces of childhood cancer

My Daughter - A Daily reminder of how our actions impact our children.

Go gold in the month of September for children's cancer research.

Cancer Survivor Necklace, Breast Cancer, Cancer Awareness, Warriors, Survivor, Cancer Support, PTSD, Cancer Jewelry on Etsy, $19.00

KIds Childhood Cancer Awareness Tshirt by JAMCreate on Etsy

Proceeds from the sale of this hat go towards my niece Emily's treatments! Childhood cancer awareness by BBsgoods on Etsy, $15.00

Childhood Cancer Awareness Necklace

Alyssa getting her Chemo treatment at Scottish Rite Alfac Cancer Atlanta,Ga. . 1/10/2013 #6 Childhood Cancer Awareness

believe in yourself.

Mattel to donate bald Barbies to children battling cancer- showing a 'beautiful' woman without hair to reduce the stigma and shame of hair loss related to the disease and treatment. The dolls won't be available for purchase. I generally don't like Barbie but I'm glad to see something like this. Bratz and Moxie dolls will also be available this summer. It's not perfect, but it is a step.

Love this for a "First Day of School" gift Mother Daughter Necklace Set // Inspirational by erinpelicano

to my babies!

wouldn't that be cool to frame and hang in your daughters room?! :)

love it!

This made me teary. A mother kept items from her sons pockets for years and presented the lost treasures as a wedding gift. I love this ♥