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    That's not how you eat a Kit-Kat bar! in Funny Stuff It also goes along with eating certain M&Ms in order of color...even though they all taste the same.

    So true


    hahahahaa true!


    This reminds me of my fiancée


    For real!

    Gets me every time.


    The monster who did this.

    This really made me laugh hysterically for about thirty seconds. So true. HAHAHAHAHA

    So true

    Bill Lumbergh Office Space - Yeah.... if you could quit posting these things. thatd be great....


    Or why some animals are named after other animals... Like "Spider crab" and "Crab spider"... Porcupine fish... I mean, what if those other animals didn't exist? What would they be called?!

    I Don't Like You Pouch