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  • Jennifer (Recovering Perfectionist)

    Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Pavement Ends: March 1937. "Wind erosion has desolated this once luxuriant bunch grass country in Idaho. Resettlement is restoring the land for grazing." Photo by Wilbur Staats for the Resettlement Administration.

  • Connie Thompson

    Pavement Ends. Idaho dust covers road in March, 1937.

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May 1937. "Post office. Finlay, Texas." Magazine, caffeine, nicotine -- all your basic ines. As well as potted cacti. Photo by Dorothea Lange.

May 1937. Migratory family traveling across the desert in search of work in cotton at Roswell, New Mexico.

June 1937. "Idle men attend the morning movies. There are three such movies in one block. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma." Photo by Dorothea Lange for the Farm Security Administration.

July 1939. "Daughter of white tobacco sharecropper at country store. Person County, North Carolina." The rustic emporium seen earlier here and here. Medium-format nitrate negative by Dorothea Lange.

Circa 1937. "Hardware store, 906 Bourbon Street, New Orleans." Carrying a full line of protectants and preservatives, none of which seem to be suitable for the store itself. 8x10 acetate negative by Frances Benjamin Johnston

New Orleans circa 1937. "Courtyard at 1133-1135 Chartres Street." Young and old, hangin' with the laundry.

Hector's Palace of Sweets: 1937

Although chaos isn’t a word that startups want married to their businesses, sometimes they go hand-in-hand:

March 1937. "Four families, three of them related with 15 children, from the Dust Bowl in Texas in an overnight roadside camp near Calipatria, California." Photo by Dorothea Lange for the Resettlement Administration

1937 - Needlecraft Home Arts - Thank God for naturally curly hair.

January 1937. "Children of citrus workers in hallway of apartment house. Winter Haven, Fla." Swearing, Gambling and Drinking, with their little brother Allowed. Photo by Arthur Rothstein, Resettlement Administration.