Roald Dahl quote, in the style of Quentin Blake - "If you have good thoughts..." (font: Bellatrix)

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Roald Dahl


e.e. Cummings

the things that make me.

so true

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Winston Churchill quote . . . I've been okay with knowing not everybody likes me ever since I came to the realisation that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. By confirming this in others it confirms and validates that my own opinions are equally valid . . . and I don't permit others to run rough-shod over me. WOW. Need to remember this!!

Happy and Healthy

You make me happy . . .

Lovely :) x

Love this ♥

If you have a daughter....1 Peter 3:3 for a sign in her bathroom, I actually want one for my bathroom

Wuthering Heights. One of my favorites.

This is too cute and true