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I've had to deal with toxic people all of my life and they all end up acting the same. I can take responsibility for my actions and admit that I sometimes speak out of anger, I'm human, I make mistakes. But I won't play games w/people who can't/won't do the same. I don't have the time or energy for that kind of drama.

I always wanna see this smile on taylor's face but i can't imagine it while all this drama that kim and kanye are doing rn.. Kanye's famous music video is such a shit and it is so disrespectful... And the bitchy role that kim is playing now is just more than enough, they are crossing their limits... I love taylor and i am proud of her but i don't know why swifties are reacting like that and are being against taylor, twitter has gone crazy and all the people are considering taylor wrong, why…

I think he looks so cute with that outfit even though I didn't like it at first, he reminds me of chicken little ㅋㅋㅋ

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Script: The School News Report -a hilarious radio show for 3rd-4th graders

It's a script for a radio news program for kids! Perfect for a class of up to 22 Third or Fourth Graders. Includes roles for all reading levels. A great way to teach a variety of reading strategies and cover curriculum expectations for Drama. It's also great for a classroom where students have access to technology and can record, create and post the radio show to appropriate social media all on their own! It's all the fun of a class play, with a *lot* less stress and investment of…

For all the people who say EVERYONE they are friends with or work with are always making drama for them! If that many people hate you, it's you! Not them! Maybe you should figure out why nobody likes you and fix yourself. You can't play the victim forever!

I played the cello from fifth through eighth grade and participated in several performances. I was in drama all four years of high school with a role in "Much Ado About Murder." I sound checked drums at a music festival summer of 2010. I don't have a desire to be on stage, but I'm confident enough to handle it.

PositiveMedfrom PositiveMed

People who create their own drama

I hate people that play victim. I can't feel sorry for anyone who creates their own drama and then wants to behave like they are more deserving of other people's sympathy.

this quote states that "stepping onto the stage again, and remembering why it's your favorite feeling in the world." I chose this quote because the feeling of being on stage is like no other in the world. This is a part of who I am because a huge portion of my life has been devoted to performing on stage.

We had to have a bank to get all that money from! This is just a tri-fold science fair board that I covered with paper. I'm still not sure the kids understood that money just doesn't magically appear out of ATM machines!

BTS | HAHA FUK the koreans call bighit the "learnt perverts" because of stuff like this !!!!!

Kyungsoo ’ s evil stare in I Remember You {I just finished this drama and it was SO good. Great acting from all the actors. So proud of Kyungsoo, he played his part so well. It just confirms his Satansoo status LOL! Go watch it if you haven't!}

Mary J. Blige - No More Drama. "This song makes me come completely undone. Everytime I listen to it I relive my life my pain, helplessness, my rage, my loss my grit & my determination. It is without a doubt the rawest most powerful anthem of my heart as a Pheonix still trying to rise from the ash. Mary is a very special woman to me. She gets it, she gets A-L-L of it."-LL

Luscious: myLusciousLife.comfrom Luscious:

Recommended viewing: The Gilded Age to the Jazz Age

The Secret Garden 1993 One of my favorite movies I used to watch almost daily when I was little.