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archery lesson

Reign -- "Strange Bedfellows" -- Image Number: -- Pictured: Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots -- Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

"They're coming," Nyssa said. "What?" Joey cried. He sat up out of the couch, his eyes wide. "It's too soon!" "Not yet," Nyssa clarified, still looking out into the downpour. "But they will. Tonight." "How can you know that?" Sam asked. "Because it's what I would do," Nyssa said, looking over her shoulder. "Use the low visibility to mask the approach of a small scouting party. See how vulnerable the enemy really is." "A test run," Sam said in understanding. Nyssa nodded. "Exactly." ~Ash…

Ebony-Rose White *Adelaide Kane is my Snow White fancast every time*

Young Morgana worries how to break the news of their father's death to Kerrigan