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  • Paulina Rivas

    Lechuza Witch Bird | The Demon Hunter's Compendium: La Lechuza (The Witch Bird)

  • Michele EI

    La Lechuza (The Witch Bird).La Lechuza was once a curandera (someone who practices black magic) who, after being exposed as a witch (or bruja), was killed by the angry and frightened townspeople. Folklore says that she returned from beyond the grave as a ghost to seek revenge upon those who murdered her

  • JaR Hdz

    In Mexico and Texas tales are told of a ghost known as La Lechuza,“owl” in Spanish. Also known as the “Witch Bird.” Folkore says that she was once a curandera (woman who practices folk medicine to cure physical or spiritual illnesses) that was exposed as a witch and killed by the townspeople, but returned to seek revenge in the form of a human-sized bird with a woman’s face.

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