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    In Mexico and Texas tales are told of a ghost known as La Lechuza,“owl” in Spanish. Also known as the “Witch Bird.” Folkore says that she was once a curandera (woman who practices folk medicine to cure physical or spiritual illnesses) that was exposed as a witch and killed by the townspeople, but returned to seek revenge in the form of a human-sized bird with a woman’s face.

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    The Demon Hunter's Compendium: La Lechusa (The Witch Bird)

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La curandera - medicine woman: I would LOVE to have a herb room that big!

December, 1958 Hosteen Tso, holding a ceremonial rattle, ranked as the most powerful medicine man in Monument Valley until his death last year. A favourite of motion picture directors, he offered to conjure fair weather for camera crews on location. His son, Hosteen Tso Begay succeeded him as medicine man. Novajo Native Americans

Medicine Woman - Medicine means the magical power of fate, healing magic and medicine. Women were the first midwives and shamans, welcoming the newly arrived and preparing sacred rituals for the departed. The Medicine Woman holds the Moon in her hands. She trusts Divine Timing. She knows that all things that once were will be again. From: The Book of Goddesses by Nancy Blair

No-Ah-Tuh, Medicine woman, 1913 by Legends of America, via Flickr

Wisdom Way Crone...communing with the Divines in Shamanistic rituals.

smaller version reserved for Kaitlin-- from a distant star---art print--original photos processed at PS, 5x7 inch

Carl Larsson (Swedish, 1855-1919), "The Witch's Daughter" by sofi01, via Flickr

A skin walker is a human who is able to shape-shift into various animal forms through witchcraft. Skin-walkers are generally considered frightening, evil, dangerous, and difficult to kill.