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Major For-Profit College Chain Systematically Deceived Students: Attorney General

Obama to take executive steps on student loans

Obama to take executive steps on student loans ~ yeah!

Three Years on Rikers Without Trial

October 6, 2014 -- Kalief Browder spent three years in Rikers Island’s Robert N. Davoren Center—more than half of that time in solitary confinement—without ever standing trial. Jennifer Gonnerman investigates the case, and offers a rare account of life inside the notorious jail for adolescents: (Photograph by Zach Gross)

Finland spends 30 percent less per student than the United States, yet 96 percent of Finns graduate high school and 66 percent go to college.

At Last, A Jewish Politician With Balls by Shoebat Foundation on July 18, 2014 in General, Israel, Media From Israel National News Yisrael Katz Israeli Minister of Transport Hits Back at Erdogan: What About the Armenian Genocide?

Republicans R Evil on

As with climate change...I'm sure Republicans are ignoring all the signs and give their eyes and ears only to the polluting corporations.

Tommy Robinson on

Embedded image permalink...Arrest the homeless, arrest those trying to feed them, let the prisoners out of Gitmo?! obama is either going to complete his plan or is laying the groundwork for someone to finish it. Vote wisely, and keep an eye on the pope.

Truth! Trump 2016!!!

Feb 7, 2014 ▶ Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism & Wrecked the Middle Class (author & Univ of California Berkeley Boalt School of law prof Ian Haney Lopez) ~ Sam Seder on Majority Report: Lopez explains the cynical calculation that drove racist politics, how Repubs adopted the southern strategy, political uses of race, "strategic racism" & Repub race baiting, the evolving nature of racism

Bad Facts About the USA (15 pictures)