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DIY acoustic panels using Owens Corning 703

Turn down the volume! Acoustic panels made of perforated sheets | Architecture at Stylepark

Panel for walls decorated with wooden blocks - New texture that you do on a weekend ~ VillarteDesign Crafts

How to Build a Diffuser: A diffuser is a great way to control reflections in a room and make your room sound flatter. If your room is on the “dead” side, diffusers may be more suitable than adding absorptive sound control. Diffusers are often placed on the back wall behind the engineer’s head. They can also be placed in the studio to help tighten up a room, reduce flutter echo, and control reflections. Here’s a good way to make a diffuser using a proven formula.

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DIY Acoustic Panels Tutorial: I'd use old T-shirts for the fabric.

DIY acoustic panels for your piano room using Roxul Safe'n'Sound

Acoustic Panels for Home Theater

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DIY acoustic panels, sound panels, bass traps, Owens Corning 703, home recording studio

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Acoustimac DIY Acoustic Panel Kit

DIY sound proofing panels - great for a home theater or recording studio.

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DIY sound absorbing panels - just like the ones from school!

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Instead of acoustic panels use picture canvases