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... a cruise didn't mean stranded at sea for days with overflowing toilets and ecoli in your food? The Love Boat

I love the scent of old spice because it is what my grandfather use to wear... what a wonderful memory!

In the mid-1970s Dittos Jeans were the luxury denim of their time. They were tight, high-rise and made your behind look like you’d sprayed the pants on. Their slogan was “Dittos: The Line Forms In The Rear.” They were tighter than tight.

I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

vintage mailbox. On every streetcorner. I remember we walked down the end of the street and mailed letters.

How about a nice Hawaiian Punch : ) Fruit Juicy Red Hawaiian Punch ~ in the tin can.

She's in love...with her new toaster! I feel so fulfilled now, I can make toast without burning it!" Truely one of life's great accomplishments!!

My Mom Dippity-do'd my hair before putting in the hot rollers & ratting it into a bubble when I was a kid.

Sunshine Crackers in sections of four crackers each. We would take a section of 4 squares and toast it until golden brown, then butter it and eat it warm. Yum :-)

'Bobby' pins- the staple 1940s hair beauty accessory