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  • Eugenia Reed

    This is so me. Thanks Princess Diana. What a beautiful soul #FreeSpirit

  • Kelly R

    #free spirit #princessdiana

  • Karla Buckley

    In my heart, I am. In my life, there are circumstances that chain me. Thank you Princess Diana for your inspiring life.

  • Birdy Lane

    Princess Diana Free Spirit Quote

  • Sherri Tongco

    princess Diana ... Well, lovely Lady Di, I DO appreciate that

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free spirit ~ so many feathers in my path.....

So true. Family loves, family forgives, family is there when no one else is. Be thankful for your family!

If you can't forgive, you must not be truly happy. Forgive yourself first. Each day, forgive yourself for not being perfect, for making mistakes. Forgive others for their imperfections. It does not make you any less of a person, yet quite the opposite. Life will go on regardless. You choose.

The free spirit this quote is talking about describes Eva Luna almost exactly. She's a very free person in her sexuality, imagination and self. She doesn't let herself be held down by the government, love, or those who treat her as beneath them. The colors used also remind me of her because she so much imagination and such colorful stories that she shares with the world.

I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am.

Many people think they are "happy" but if you stripped away all their belongings, things, material possessions & maybe their dependence, they would be the most miserable people. This is unfortunate. The root is usually unforgiveness or bitterness of some kind - a fixed mindset that showed up somewhere along the way. | Notes by