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    White Feather hosta

    Ornamental crabapple. Plant one of these for a lavish pop of white, pink, or red flowers each spring.

    Hosta Bed..... I have several places that would be perfect for a hosta bed like this.

    Moss Phlox (Phlox subulata) is a richly flowering, clump-forming phlox that stays green in both summer and winter. In spring these plants produce innumerable crimson and white flowers that attract butterflies. These Phlox like to be planted in full sunshine.

    Aloe polyphylla- SPIRAL ALOE. Proof that there is a God.

    Filigree Hosta Plant

    Hosta ~ Mito-no-hana

    A traditional deck turns into something stellar with the addition of a Japanese tree lilac (which will provide sweet perfume in early summer) and a collection of shade-loving hostas and astilbes.

    Plants for shade: Try Contrasting Containers. If you're not sure where to start, look at your container and complement or contrast it with color. Here, the black pots look great against bold, bright colors. A. Coleus (Solenostemon 'Daffy'): 1 B. Sedge (Carex hachijoensis): 1 C. Caladium 'Florida Beauty': 1 D. Coleus (Solenostemon 'JoDonna'): 1

    Plant a garden full of mosquito repelling plants so you can actually enjoy being outdoors :)

    Blue, purple, and white

    20 plants that can handle foot traffic (for garden pathways)

    Flax - one hearty plant that come up year after year - and the deer won't eat it!

    How to prune basil to have enormous plants

    How to Divide Hostas

    shade garden with hostas...

    Potted Plants for Shade. The main dark leaved plant with pink is Dracena baby doll, the pink and green speckled heart shaped leaf on the left is a Caladium, the reddish flowers are from the begonia angel wing, the purple trailing plant is Scaevola, the yellow one is Bidens.

    start seeds in ice cream cones and plant in to clever, biodegradable

    The top five plants for low maintenance gardens - Coleus - Another great choice for bringing color and texture to shady areas of the garden, coleus come in countless colors. They prefer dappled sun but can tolerate a little more sun with frequent watering. They can be used as a border, a full bed or in containers. Pinching off the top growth periodically will encourage a fuller plant.