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  • Ion Pisica

    90s kid vs. kid today Best funny source

  • Auddems PsychChick

    I'm a '90s kid, and it saddens me greatly that a LOT of kids nowadays complain about not having "anything" to do or not "getting what they want" when they have iPods, iPads, iPhones, video game systems, or overall expensive stuff. You know what I had? the OUTSIDE and toys that didn't cost more than 30 dollars, and I ended up having an amazing imagination and the ability to be grateful for my blessings. Watch how you raise your kids, please! THINK ABOUT IT #90skid #thinkabout it #childraising

  • Jenn Gingerich

    90's kid vs. kids today... Did anyone else have a skip it?? I used to love that thing!!

  • Jeanne

    90's kid vs. kid today haha! This made me laugh! It's so TRUE!

  • Christine

    90s kid vs. kid today - so true!!

  • Samantha

    So true. I think 90s kids had the best childhoods :)

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I wish I was living in a mansion with Brad Pitt by now... damn this game for getting my hopes up ;)

Seriously I think every one of these is true!! Sooo adorable they are, these little beings!! And in their own world!!

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Plank! From edd ed and eddy!! Woohoo for 90's

idk where this is from but it made me laugh

Problems that only 90's kids will understand. YES to most of these.

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90's kids- blast from the past!