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Laughed so hard. Hahahaha!!! OMG!! That's so not funny! I thought I was possessed!! Lol!

Why Tricking An Engineer Doesn't Work

Whoever Wrote This Graffiti Is A Genius! So funny!

Greeting card Dear 6 Sincerely 7 by anroldesigns on Etsy, $5.95

I would do this...I am always leaving stuff on the back burner which gets hot if the oven is on. I left the diaper bag, milk, etc...i generally catch it before its too bad though haha.

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LVC people would know and understand this..I've never had doors held for me for more than 30 seconds anywhere but there.

Always listen to your mom... Never know what she say may come true in the future.

this lady is the reason I don't go tanning. When I'm in my 40's I'm still going to have skin like I have now..