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There are many symptoms of relapsing MS, including problems with vision, your bowel and bladder, fatigue, walking and balance, cognitive issues, sexual issues, pain, muscle stiffness and spasms, weakness and depression, among possible others.

Faulty Proprioception: How MS Can Throw You Off Balance

Through signals that receptor nerves in our muscles, joints, and ligaments send to our brains, we are able to perceive our physical self as it relates to the world around us. #proprioception #senseofbalance #MSfalls #everydayhealth |

#Tips To Stay inspired and stay #healthy!

#Tips To Stay inspired and stay #healthy!

Grumpus Organic Baby Bodysuit

96% of people with illness do not have any visible signs or use an assitive device (#invisible illness week)

When your mama doesn't know who you are anymore.... First it was directions, then it was how to walk, or where we lived, then years later she forgot she was a mom. She forgot how to eat. She is on a feeding tube and in a wheel chair, no speech, but yesterday she said my name. For the first time in 10 years. You think you know the strength of my heart, look at my mother.

this hits it right on!!! Fibromyalgia, lupus, lyme disease and many more are hard to see....but those with any of these diseases is suffering terrible pain.....

"strong" girl. I honestly really hate reading this quote sometimes. The reason being that strenght should not be determined by how much you can hold in. It should be determined by how brave you are when you let things out.

Myers - Briggs personality types #personalityquiz
How to get up early sleep diy interesting infographic infograph