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    Purple Martin at home, South Carolina

    Painted Bunting in South Carolina

    Red tailed Hawk in South Carolina

    Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in South Carolina

    Yellow-throated Warbler in South Carolina

    Purple Martin

    Purple should invite this little bird to your backyard. He is important. He will eat mosquitoes!

    Kingfisher, photo by Martin Cooper

    Grape Friends: Purple Martin

    Purple Martin. Awesome birds the way they float and swoop in the hunt for dragonflies, their favorite food. We have a large martin house out back.

    baby purple martins that's BALD!

    Advanced Backyard Birding: Purple Martin Houses: Birds and Bloom

    Purple these birds My Grandma had a bird house built for them. They are wonderful to have around.

    Purple Martin. "Bird Poop" of north Texas

    Purple Martins and Why you need them in your yard

    Purple martin houses - these birds are totally dependent upon man for providing places to nest!

    Garganey Drake at RSPB Minsmere