There are so many things to worry about when your kids go back to school. You shouldn’t have to worry about  water quality and safety, but, unfortunately, you need to.  It’s a huge issue with potentially dire consequences. And if you think water quality issues don’t apply to you because your child

what will freeze first

Great reminder that water is SO good for us and we need to help keep it clean!

walking water #viqua

Neat site where you can see the ratio of contaminants in your water.

Drink up!

Water science for toddlers - sink or float with common household items.

Drink Water For LIFE... #WorldofGood #Earthbrands #Ad

Can You Make Music with Water?

Good to know!

Cleaning up water – looking at filtering

Drink water from the tap! Most refrigerators now have the water feature that filters water if tap water safety is a concern.

Mini Water Cycle Fun #viqua

Oil and coloured Water in a bag experiment, shake, then see them separate

Experiment for Kids: Surface Tension #viqua

Science - Open up the pumpkin, add a little soil and water, and watch the seeds (which are already inside the pumpkin) grow. // FUN - need to remember this for next year!

Disappearing colors experiment - kids will think it's magic, but grown ups know it's really just science! #handsonlearning #magicalscience