So you want to save water? How much water is in that cup of coffee next to your desk? Well, about a cup, plus the bathtub full of water that it took t #viqua #sterilight

A Day With Water — Iconography is an infographic booklet documenting the semiotics of events that occurred on 7th February 2009. By Benjamin Koh.

Faucet Face "Tap Is Terrific" Glass Water Bottle

Website simplified infographic design by Lemongraphic , via Behance

Water Way To Go is part of an infographic and poster series about the global water crisis and potential solutions.

Unique Infographic Design, The Future Of Mobile Video #Infographic #Design #INFOGRAPHIC Turning Water and Energy Into Wine: Here’s a taste of how much water and energy it takes to make wine, and how sustainable practices can dramatically reduce wine’s water and energy footprint for a bright and delicious future.

I like this info poster because the background is beautiful and catches people's attention, but it has a lot of information about this man's adventure as well. It's clear and easy to read , and also very eye catching.

World Bank: Infographic: Thirsty Energy - Energy and Water's Interdependence


To Lithuania Infographic on Behance

Infographic Design on Behance

Is Your Job Killing You? [infographic]


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way of presenting information. maybe health/wellness sheet with statistics...facts.

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Unique Infographic Design, Save The Wales @etayloronline #Infographic #Design (