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    How do we get water from the air? Creating affordable drinking water through smart technology #water #infographic #cleanwater #viqua

    Getting Water from Air

    Do it yourself water from air...really cool

    How to make a solar still - SurvivalistDaily.... #DIY #survival #solar

    Any Syntrol fans out there interested in solar, but not quite sure how it works? Check out this infograph! #SolarPower #SolarInstallation

    Bottled Water (by the gallon)

    I like the product "Water Preserver" because it allows me to extend the time period for water preservation from 6 months to 5 years according to their website.

    Rain water!

    Water Storage made simple...

    Make the right choices to reduce your water footprint

    I really like this color scheme because it's very simple yet effective. The infographic is about wind energy and I think the use of the light blueish purple tones convey what I would think the color of wind would be if it had one.

    Infographic The Water Rich vs. The Water Poor presented by Seametrics looks at the disparity in access to clean, fresh water between wealthy and underdeveloped nations. While some might say gold or diamonds, as far as human life goes, water is the world’s most precious commodity. As the world population increases, and industry continues to expand, Earth’s freshwater reserves are being stretched dangerously thin.

    Homestead Survival: Hot Water For Free From A Wood Stove - #sustainableliving

    Water Storage

    I like this info poster because the background is beautiful and catches people's attention, but it has a lot of information about this man's adventure as well. It's clear and easy to read , and also very eye catching. #infographic

    WATER ---WATER, This infographic takes a look at how the technology of plumbing has changed over the years.

    Infographic showing just how much water you use each day. It isn't just the water that comes from your faucets, it is also all of the water that is embedded in the products we use everyday (the water it took to produce those products). It really adds up.

    Any Syntrol fans interested in going green? Here is an informative infograph to help! #Sustainability #ClimateChange #Environment #EnergySavings

    To ensure that the increasing population of the world has an alternate supply of drinkable water, designer Thomas Row has created the Atmospheric Water Collector which draws on the biomechanical structure of the Namibian Desert Beetle that deals with hydrophilic and hydrophobic extremes via tiny bumps on its back that collect water from air.

    How to Build Your Own (water) Hand Pump

    In order to feed our world without destroying it, a holistic type of agriculture is need and we have a choice. Here we compare the current high-input industrial system with a renewed vision for agriculture: the agreoecological system.