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The organization of the information is very clear. It identifies the messages in graphically well organized mind map. Looking at the layout and colours can be applied to our research topic "sustainable design" - "applying biomimicry to research sustainable design."

Every year hundreds of thousands of wells are created in the U.S. Although often unnoticed by the public, most of these wells are used towards supplying public drinking water. To create these wells a complicated process of water drilling is implemented, in order to gain access to the hidden water supplies.

Use UV water disinfection to protect your tap water. The truth about bottled water and tap water and why we should go back to the tap. Saves money, saves resources, less garbage = healthy & great for the environment. #viqua

Just how much water should your drink? Everyone talks about drinking water as a panacea; it can help you lose weight, all other drinks are evil and you can drink as much water as you like. Or have you heard the 8 glasses of water a day myth? There are so many myths and distractions out there and guess what, even the experts don't agree.

Make the right choices to reduce your water footprint

Water in your body infographic & The Best 3 Healthy Weight Loss Drink (Link)

The Miracle of Clean Water Infographic | Pelican Water #viqua #uvmax

Mystery.  The water that comes into my house in the city is pushed through by mystery.  It is an interconnected line of pipes that somehow arrive to my home and get instantly triggered by turning on a tap.  Truth is, I never really gave it much thought till I started working at VIQUA, an ultraviolet water purification company.  I certainly neve

Read and share our latest infographic about city water and well water. The New York Times reports that the average water main in Washington DC is 76 years and there are 240,000 water main breaks a year in the US.  That's a lot of

Water footprint. Virtual Water embedded in products

Interesting Facts About Farm Water Conservation #viqua

Water use in Coffee Production #coffee #coffeeproduction #infographic #viqua #uvmax

WATER ---WATER, This infographic takes a look at how the technology of plumbing has changed over the years.

Water Infographic - Why Dehydration is Making You Fat #viqua

Managing Water Infographic #Water #Infographic #SanDiego

Drink you water!! Infographic from


How do we get water from the air? Creating affordable drinking water through smart technology #water #infographic #cleanwater #viqua

Life of a water bottle: Bottle water infograph from internet contributors life of a water bottle

So you want to save water? How much water is in that cup of coffee next to your desk? Well, about a cup, plus the bathtub full of water that it took t #viqua #sterilight