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    Water footprint. Virtual Water embedded in products



    • Patti B

      Virtual Water: This project shows the water footprint of products - it's not new but now there's an iPhone app to go with it.

    • Stefan Križnjak

      WATER FOOTPRINT - virtual water embedded in products 25,00 €

    • designs on earth

      The Virtual Water Project: The Water Footprint of Products Poster: The Virtual Water Project would like to show the world how much freshwater is used to produce selected products - hoping for people to rethink their consumption patterns. The poster shows the amount of water consumed in the production of everyday food products. Based on the study by Hoeckstra et al.

    • WCHP

      Water Footprint: Virtual Water Embedded in Objects ... And, there's an app for it!

    • Sochil Rita Pet Photographer

      Virtual Water: This project shows the water footprint of products - via

    • Eco-opt

      The Virtual Water Project: The Water Footprint of Products Infographic

    • Isharat Ltd.

      Water footprint @Isharat Analytics and Isharat Analytics

    • Ameena N K

      This project shows the water footprint of products.

    • Mantas Bačiuška

      Water Footprint Infographic Design

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