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Mystery.  The water that comes into my house in the city is pushed through by mystery.  It is an interconnected line of pipes that somehow arrive to my home and get instantly triggered by turning on a tap.  Truth is, I never really gave it much thought till I started working at VIQUA, an ultraviolet water purification company.  I certainly neve

As long as the contaminated water isn't able to penetrate into the filtered water below... this isn't a bad setup. I am going to do more research on ceramic filters, and determine which ones are the best purchase. Considering Big Berkey, Aquarain, and British Berkfield companies at present.

Danish water purification company Vestergaard Frandsen’s latest development could very possibly save millions of lives of those who struggle to find and produce clean water.

Win 1 of 4 water purification unit from Rising S Bunkers! Everyone needs water, and having this device can help ensure that you always have a clean water source.

Jedinice za prečišćavanje vode od transportnih kontejnera - Građevinarstvo

slingshot - Buscar con Google

Simbi Haiti - portion of proceeds from Simbi Haiti goes to local water purification

A Simple Mission of the Company is Making healthy and delicious water available in every home.

EKOCENTER gallery: The Coca-Cola Company

Sanitizer Home and Hand contains stabilized chlorine dioxide (stabilized oxygen) that has been used for decades in water purification and is known to be effective against bacteria and viruses. It does not dry out skin, and because the active ingredient breaks down into table salt, it is safe to use hands as well as surfaces including but not limited to tables, work areas and clothes. #Organic #ToxicFree