Read and share our latest infographic about city water and well water. The New York Times reports that the average water main in Washington DC is 76 years and there are 240,000 water main breaks a year in the US.  That's a lot of

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The Teacher’s Guide to Google Classroom eBook is chocked full of step-by-step instructions for using Google Classroom, setting up classes, creating announcements, discussions, assignments, management and tips!  You will also find helpful screenshots of both the teacher and student side of Google Classroom. This reference guide is great for new users and full of handy reminders and tips for more experienced users.

Layers and Protocols: Possible Attacks on The Internet of Everything

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Setup parental controls on Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, iOS, and Google Search, with a tip to OpenDNS for home internet filtering.

A Long But Useful Website List You Need For Surfing On The Internet.

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10 Free Learning Websites for Kids

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Comment rédiger un cahier des charges, étape après étape | creation de site web

If you want to work at home, you need to know where to start -- and the Internet is a big place. Luckily, The Penny Hoarder scoured the web for the best blogs to help teach and inspire you to work from home. - The Penny Hoarder

Yup, I'm definitely guilty of some of these travel planning mistakes. Here is some really great advice to make trip planning waaaaay easier!

Infographie : "Ces informations à ne pas oublier dans le cahier des charges de votre site web" par Impala Webstudio.

The Psychology of Trust in Marketing: How to Earn It and How to Keep It - infographic

Membership site creation... plus the site being created is about Infographics!

Long Scrolling One Pager promoting a racing team called "Leader Bikes X Undefeated". The Single Page site features a subtle parallax effect using the background shapes as well as a pretty bad-ass team section.

Infographic: Top 6 Most Powerful Latest SEO Strategies for 2016 with Tips and Tools #webmarketing

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