Mystery.  The water that comes into my house in the city is pushed through by mystery.  It is an interconnected line of pipes that somehow arrive to my home and get instantly triggered by turning on a tap.  Truth is, I never really gave it much thought till I started working at VIQUA, an ultraviolet water purification company.  I certainly neve

WATER ---WATER, This infographic takes a look at how the technology of plumbing has changed over the years.

How do we get water from the air? Creating affordable drinking water through smart technology #water #infographic #cleanwater #viqua

Use UV water disinfection to protect your tap water. The truth about bottled water and tap water and why we should go back to the tap. Saves money, saves resources, less garbage = healthy & great for the environment. #viqua

Pool Shock: Purify Water for Years...

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The Miracle of Clean Water Infographic | Pelican Water #viqua #uvmax

Interesting Facts About Farm Water Conservation #viqua

So you want to save water? How much water is in that cup of coffee next to your desk? Well, about a cup, plus the bathtub full of water that it took t #viqua #sterilight

Make the right choices to reduce your water footprint

There are loads of blogs telling you that their oils company is the best one, and often you are urged to sign up with a direct sales company to makes money selling oils, or at least to get your oils for free | One thing that comes up over and over again regarding essential oils, however, is GC/MS testing | #essentialoils

DIY Spa/Shower Towel Wrap... Turn a towel and some fabric into a stylish spa wrap for you, your child, a friend, or family member. Easy "simple sew" towel wrap!

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diy celtic knot bracelet

Handmade Daffodil Soap Recipe

My soap I made... Charcoal soap "


How to sew a spa wrap from terrycloth fabric.