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Well water hand pump..........oh for the good old days !~!~! I still remember using one at Grandma's farm. Fill the pail, carry it into the kitchen...the ladle hung on the wall above it. Fill your cup for the coldest, most refreshing drink of the day... ♥

Old pump along road northeast of Rapid City, SD

red water pump - I have a friend who used an antique pump and a wood barrel tub to make a water feature in their front yard. Very cute.

Would love to get my hands on a vintage hand pump like this that still works . . .

water~ We have one of these. Not hooked up. Just for giving the garden an old-fashioned charm

Old Well Pump, vintage siding, peeling paint...

Reminds me of Lizzie's house with the old water pump and the flowers in the background

don't you love rust in the garden... almost doesn't matter what it even is.. it almost always works...

oldfashioned water well by gdraskoy, via Flickr

My Grandmother had this at the side of her house but she no longer used it.

Old Well. Memories of Childhood! **When I was very little, I remember going to visit my Great Uncle in the country and having to go outside to pump the water so we could have a drink. His pump was bright red. The enamel bucket was kept on the kitchen counter with a ladle hanging on a hook on the side of the bucket. For a little girl from a BIG city, it was fun. It was hard work though for a 3-5 year old**