so pretty but could be dangerous. Did you know that you cannot tell the health of water by looking at it? #viqua

Water droplets...beautiful

Rain drops

500px / ssssss by Plamen Stefanov - Black and White Photography

Its all perspective. The rain drop doesnt see itself as dreary and grey. Its just dancing.

We are born into this world with an innate desire to do good and perform great work. This aspiration is the most precious eternal mission of human beings. by Master Ryuho Okawa

drop by drop...

Water drops leaves ripples. The indelible goodbye of impermanence.

Nature reflected in a droplet


This pin tells a story. The girl looks like she was crying after an event took place where she was required to wear make up. (Ie wedding, dance, a date, ect). The emphasis is on the eye and the make up running with her tears. This gives the work unity and symbolism. #pratt