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    The Oceans are over 90% Unexplored

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      Grenadiers: This large species has a rounded head and a mouth which faces forward to catch squid and fish that swim up off the sea floor. As in most other rattails, the males of this species have a special drum machine on their swim bladder that is used to attract females.

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    The Piglet ocean animals #best #sea #meditative #ocean #animals #interesting #beautiful #things

    Amazingly Colorful Hawaiian Octopus ~ Ocean Pictures See more at

    The ocean sunfish (mola mola).


    The endangered blobfish lives half a mile under the surface of the Pacific Ocean - making it rarely seen by humans.Scientists have warned that the miserable-looking fish faces extinction thanks to over-fishing by deep-sea trawlers - who dredge up the species along with other catches. Despite being inedible itself, the blobfish unluckily lives at the same depths as other more appetising ocean organisms, including crab and lobster.

    Titan Triggerfish

    In the deep

    Acid Flabellina Affinis ;)


    Ray Migration


    Chromodoris willani by MerMaye #Nudibranch

    Stingray riding sand waves in clear waters.

    Nudibranch by Dermal Denticles via ferrebeekeeper: Nudibranchs are gastropod mollusks which live in the oceans worldwide from the polar regions to the tropics. The slugs live in virtually all depths and various species range from the shallow intertidal surf to depths of more than over 700m. Although the majority of nudibranchs are benthic creatures which crawl along the seafloor, some prefer other lives and float upside down under the oceans surface or swim in the water column. #Nudibranch