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    Some Weird and Amazing Places on Our Planet Earth Inspired by Earth Day 2014, I searched the internet for some really amazing articles about some of our landscapes.  Grab your bucket list and a pen and click ahead. Earth Day 2014: Real Places You Need to See to Believe. [caption id="attachment_866" align="aligncenter" width="300"]



    • Doru-survivalhints

      Hi! I know that this board does not include natural disasters, but I invite you to read to see How to Survive an Catastrophic Event (Volcano Eruption). It's ALWAYS Better to Be Prepared!!! Thanks and please leave any comment!

    • Kristin Bruggeman

      Volcanic activity is spiking in Hawaii and people are flocking there to see the spectacular show. Visitors, both regular folks and scientists, to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are able to witness the active volcanic personality and the formation of new cinder cones, glowing pit craters, rivers of lava and fountains of spatter.

    • National Association of Park Foundations

      Infos like fees for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Big Island, Hawaii |

    • Tessa M

      Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, U.S.A. Located over 2,000 miles from the nearest continental land mass, the Hawaiian Archipelago is the most geographically isolated group of islands on Earth. Hawaiian plants and animals began to evolve over 70 million years ago in nearly complete isolation and over 90% of the native terrestrial flora and fauna in Hawaii are found only in the Hawaiian islands.

    • Rev. Will Mercer, New York Wedding Officiant

      Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island of Hawaii,

    • The National Parks Game

      This remarkable shot is the picture for the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park card.

    • Traveldudes

      See the Lava flows of the Hawaii Volcanoe National Park |

    • Brian Browitt

      The Terrible Beauty of Volcanic Eruptions and Lava Flows

    • Kahuna Today

      Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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