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Blood Vessels In The Human Body

We are star stuff - human body ingredients

Blood vessels in the human body…

Humans Carry More Bacterial Cells than Human Ones

How much stuff does your body make in a year

Detail of the incus and stapes human middle ear bones. The incus transmits sound vibrations from the malleus to the stapes, which then transmits them to the inner ear. The middle ear bones are the smallest bones in the human body. SEM X45 **On Page Credit Required**

Genetics vs. Epigenetics [Illustration by AXS Biomedical Animation Studio, for "Hidden Switches in the Mind," by Eric Nestler, Scientific American, December 2011]

Human body ingredients. We are made of star stuff.

A human body contains star dust, maybe that is why we have always wanted to fly. We all just want to be able to go home and be where we belong!