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  • Katelyn

    nerd jokes are the best

  • Jelena

    Water on Mars. "Don't drink the water. Don't even touch it. Not one drop." (sorry but I saw this and thought of the Doctor Who episode XP haha)

  • TechDiggers

    Water on Mars – Funny Pictures

  • アシュリー .

    nerd humor, only the smart people will understand!

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Did we not learn anything from Doctor Who?!?! You don't drink the water from Mexico or MARS!!

If thats water than that is the best prank ever! Lol cheap Pranks at

My favorite one was when I drove my "Shoe Carnival" the other day and the "S" was out.

I won't lie ...this is one of my problems with Doctor Who ......Doctor Who .. :)...

Karen Hallion Disney/Doctor Who Designs. You know, I keep seeing all this Doctor Who crossover/fanart things

Okay now this is freaking terrifying. The Doctor vs. an army of Iron Man cybermen?! Where do I pin this???? Iron Man or Dr Who?????

welcome to the doctor who fandom. please leave your logic at the door Also, be prepared for the feels.

I would figure out how to get inside and then live in it. The pizza guy might look at me a little funny, but we can figure that out as we go...

Is it weird that with seeing so much stuff about David Tennant I am slowly falling in love with David Tennant