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Love this video! Duluth Trading Commercial: How to Hug a Plumber #viqua

Recliner toilets.. a perfect father's day gift idea!| Close to Home on Gocomics.com

"This makes me want to cut out little Patrick Stewart faces and strips of paper just to wreak some geeky havoc on the world." YES.

A little boy has a conversation with himself...while on the potty.

A man should never control the air conditioning in an office full of women.

On the 8th day God created the South. And then on the 9th day He created air conditioning.

Call the Plumber !!

Funny Plumber - Don't let this happen to you! Call a true professional before your home ends up looking like this guy's house!


Bathroom Humor: Port-a-potty nightmare.

Some stuff is easy - anybody can replace a flapper - but please, please call a plumber for anything extensive!


Duluth Trading TV Commercial: Buck Naked Underwear

I've been enjoying this warm spring weather in the comfort of my air conditioned house.

Allstate Mayhem Commercials: Cleaning Lady

Am I the only one that noticed Katniss didn't have to "go" during the entire hunger games? I guess the gamemakers cut that part out..

Duluth Trading Women's TV Commercial: Defend Your Back End

Duluth Trading Women's TV Commercial: Flannel Made Fetching

4 & 8: yes I did!!!

Funny Plumbing Terms-all which I had to learn when I was a plumber

Allstate Mayhem Commercials: Wild Deer