Smaller one... Simple PVC sprinkler that the kids can ride through on their bikes! My boys would love this and even the youngest on the trike could join in! Nice instructions here- click the thumbnail for step one :)

PVC DIY - Bike Storage Is your garage cluttered with two-wheelers? This genius bike rack will introduce calm where there was chaos. For around $50, you can knock it together the same way you would any PVC DIY project—that is, by cutting and cementing. Though designed for five bikes, it holds twice as many if those bikes are kid-sized.

DIY Tutorial Backyard Waterpark- (Instructions and photos -

A tarp and sprinkler will create a fun splash pad for a slide. | 51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

Sidewalk Squirty chalk- SO FUN, and the chalk magically changes colors as kids play! {Only 3 ingredients}

Kiddie Car Wash

Looks like a good Daddy project... all you need is PVC, a drill, and a hose.

DIY Toddler Chairs {Made out of PVC Pipe} Tutorial -

25 Kids Water Activities - keep your kids busy and cool this Summer!

Mug with a hoop!


PVC Sprinkler

Play water volleyball Attach your hose to the Aqua Blast Volleyball set ($20;―it sprays streams of water straight up, creating a “net” for a wet volleyball game. Kids as young as 3 years old can play.

Skateboard swing!!!!

Water "bubble"

Header: Creative DIY ideas to make a fun kid zone inside. Made from old tire.

Summer fun - knock ping pong balls off golf tees with water guns camping fun, bug out fun, summer nights

How to make your bath water glow and other totally awesome things to do with your kids. (This website is amazing!!) Ill be happy I pinned this someday!

From sprinklers to forts, this post gives you ideas on how to build things with PVC for your kids. Looks fairly easy to do too!