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“Will there be a time when this water won’t be available?” #viqua

World's oldest flowing water found deep in Timmins mine. Water as much as 2.64 billion years old has chemistry that could support life. 5-15-13

Industrial wastewater containing hazardous chemicals, discharged directly into the Citarum River

Leakage can waste up to hundreds of gallons of water every day, so any leak should be fixed. Leaking is usually due to an old or not tight-fitting valve, which can be fixed very easily.

Rivers and lakes are awash in pharmaceuticals that end up in our drinking water. How could we ever have thought flushing them away was a good idea? #nrdc #nrdcbiogems

Foam Mountain(Nairobi)this foam contains fertilizer runoff,sanitation waste,industrial effluent & detergent and they drink this. This scene makes you grateful for the Clean Water Act in the USA.

Infographic: The secret life of drinking water. Water scarcity will be one of the defining features of the 21st century. The U.N. predicts that by 2025 two thirds of the world's population will suffer water shortages. Here CNN takes a look at what we do with the water we can drink. Find out more at Produced by Mairi Mackay, CNN @mairicnn and George Webster, for CNN @George_CNN. Designed by Matt Barringer, CNN @eskimomatt Sources: World Health Organization, UNHabitat.